Mother’s Day (15% OFF FOR MOM)


Will you do something to make your mother happy?  I guess and hope that many will answer yes to this question.  With or without Mother’s Day Celebration, all of us are longing to make our mother happy for the rest of her life.  There are many ways to make our mother happy---from simple gestures to the grandest we can think of and list is endless.

Each mother is unique, individually as a person and much more her mothering skills to her every child.  I always knew that my mother is beautiful, special and kind, but I just realized how hard being a mother is when I became one.  And it is really strange and I considered it a blessing from God that from the outside it looks so easy and so right to people around her.  Mother’s love and effort feels so natural, always perfect.  

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we, selected a few of our products that will make a mother happy when received---specially if mom likes sewing, quilting, crocheting and arts and crafts.  Let us help you put smile on her face.  Let us help you remind her that you honor and love her and you are delighted as well on hobbies that makes her happy and creative and add value in our lives

Vintage Sewing Machine Music Box

Simply irresistible!  This item is working like a real vintage sewing machine.  It has a classic music and with a small drawer.  It would be more dramatic if you will put a small jewellery inside.  We also offer unique jewelleries , check it out.


Miniature Sewing Shop

These are DIY.  Isn’t it sweet if you let mom knew that you got a DIY sewing shop and you assembled it and that is your gift.  Surely you will have lots of things to talk about with this gift project for her.


Luxury Wax Sealing Stamp Vintage Sewing Machine Gift Box Set

Mom, usually have lots of projects and most of them are for gifts and for clients  How about giving her this sealing stamp to seal her packages of projects in a personalized distinctive manner.



Our wallet is exclusively designed for her in mind.  A gift of wallet is a gesture of wishing the receiver of more prosperity.




A lady could not have too many handbag.  Every occasion calls for that special handbag to match her outfit. 




You can never go wrong in giving a classic watch to your Mom.  It is just like saying mom that the best of her which is her time is spent in raising you as a person.




Comfortable and stylish shoes is always a good gift. We need not to say more.


All our products are 15% off from April 8 to May 5, 2018 in honor of our mothers. It is worth giving them gifts that will put smiles in their faces.

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